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Kiss (Kannada) Movie Review: An youthful but unduly stretched affair

The director's intention to cater to the younger generation is quite evident throughout the film, and largely works
3 / 5
Sep 30, 2019

Director AP Arjun had caught the curiosity of the audience with the title of his movie, KISS. And it turns out to be a nice youthful entertainer that is interspersed with melodious songs, scenic locations, and a fresh lead pair. Though it has its share of flaws – a familiar storyline, stretched sequences, repeated scenarios – these may be forgiven given the overall pleasant after-taste the film leaves.

The film traces the love journey of Arjun and Nandini, played by Viraat and Sreeleela. Nandini, a high school student, damages Arjun's car. Not able to pay the amount to cover the damages, she is asked to sign an agreement to work for Arjun for 72 days or give two kisses. Nandini prefers the former option, and accordingly, cleans the house, takes care of his dog, serves his friends at parties, and so on.

An incident makes Nandini realise that Arjun is not the arrogant guy she thinks he is, and she develops feelings for him. Whether he will reciprocate, and what Nandini's reaction will be, forms the second half of the film, which ends up as a candyfloss drama

Cast: Viraat, Sreeleeela and Chikkanna
Director: A P Arjun

AP Arjun has tried to give the look and feel of the lifestyle and attitude of today's young generation. Technically well-crafted, the film showcases the beautiful landscapes of Goa and Madikeri, which are well captured by cinematographer AJ Shetty. Music director V Harikrishna has come up with some good medleys, with Neene Modalu Neene Konne and Bettegowda v/s Chikaboramma, sung by Puneeth Rajkumar, being particularly notable.

On the acting front, both Viraat and Sreeleela make confident debuts, and both seem comfortable in their respective characters. While Virat showcases his dancing talent and fighting skills, Sreeleela looks stylish and garners equal attention. However, there is scope for improvement for both.

With KISS, Arjun's intention to cater to the younger generation is quite evident, and it makes for a decent one-time watch.