I had to forget myself to play Kaiva: Dhanveerrah

6th Dec 2023 02:04 PM | A Sharadhaa


Dhanveerrah, known for his initial portrayal as a ‘mass’ hero role in his debut Bazaar, directed by Suni, showcased his versatility in the romantic drama By 2 Love. He is currently anticipating the upcoming release of Vamana. However, the pursuit of roles that resonated with his persona and his urge to maintain a mass hero image posed a challenge to him until Jayathirtha’s Kaiva happened. “Waiting for the right role that strikes a chord with the audience has been my aim, even if it involves a long wait,” says Dhanveerrah, sharing insights about his upcoming film, ahead of its release this week.

Interestingly, Jayathirtha’s Kaiva not only positions him as a mass hero but also ensures substantial content. “A blend of mass appeal and content in a script is rare. While actors aim to entertain, they also need a platform to exhibit their acting skills, and Kaiva perfectly fits that bill,” expresses Dhanveerrah.
Set against the backdrop of the iconic annual Bengaluru Karaga festival, Kaiva delves into a romantic narrative intertwined with elements of crime. Dhanveerrah’s titular character, which is said to be a reference to the Hindu lord Kaivara Bheema, as his portrayal is inspired by an incident that has taken place in the year 1983. Speaking about his experience and preparation for the role, encompassing both action sequences and performance, he mentions, “Unlike the usual commercial films, Kaiva required authentic fight sequences given its setting in 1980s period. Immersing myself in the character’s mannerisms was crucial to me. My role was shaped under Jayathirtha’s guidance, rooted in his interaction with a real-life couple. I shed my persona as Dhanveerrah to encapsulate my role in Kaiva, and the people, who have seen the film resonated positively with my character.”

Dhanveerrah, hailing from Tigalarapete with ancestral ties to the area where the entire story was centred, he shares, “Despite being born in the 1990s, my connection to Tigalarapete remained strong as I actively participated in the Karaga festival rituals every year as my mother would take us. Strangely, those blessings seemed to pave my path to becoming part of Kaiva,” he says, adding, “Though Jayathirtha approached several actors and stars with this narrative, destiny led me to portray Kaiva.”

Touching briefly on Kaiva’s character, he adds, “Kaiva represents someone navigating love and embodies the existence of innocence amidst adversity. When living in a confined world, certain circumstances may trigger individuals to go to any extent to protect their love and family, similar to Kaiva.”

Speaking about his character’s appearance, he concludes, “For the look of Kaiva, I had to go retro particularly for the hairstyle. I underwent several trials, and eventually, the same hair attachment used by Darshan in Roberrt was a perfect fit,”  he signs off.