I have a self-serving motive in working with new directors: Vijay Raghavendra

7th Dec 2023 03:17 PM | A Sharadhaa


Vijay Raghavendra, who will be seen portraying an investigative officer in Mareechi, has developed a newfound fondness for such roles and is readily embracing the Khaki uniform when the role demands it. "When it comes to investigations, there's a plethora of uncertainties and an ongoing quest. Much like how police officers, clad in their Khaki attire, delve into intriguing investigations, similarly, though I embody characters in the Khaki code across diverse films, the nature of investigations in each film varies. Directors approaching me with such investigative subjects have increased due to my intricate character portrayals of mine. Every time, it feels like stepping into the unknown.

Exploring these roles has made me realize the increasing knowledge among criminals, while also highlighting the supremacy of the law and how the police are trained to stay ahead of the enemy. That's what intrigues me about such subjects," explains Vijay Raghavendra ahead of his film's release this week.
Mareechi holds its significance, echoing the equilibrium between good and bad. "Not everything can be entirely good; there's always a shadow. Similarly, not everything can be entirely bad; there's a hint of goodness. It's all about circumstances and propelling ourselves forward. Committing a crime doesn't make me a better person, and just because I'm a policeman, not everything I do is inherently good. It's about how circumstances complicate things and how a story becomes captivating," reflects Raghavendra about the character, hinting at the complexities of life and society.

Overall, Vijay Raghavendra believes that since his role in Malgudi Days, the spectrum of roles offered to him has broadened, with forthcoming projects offering unique roles that promise more artistic scope. Admitting a self-serving motive in working with new directors, Vijay Raghavendra remarks, "We never know what ideas they have in store, and as new filmmakers, they tend to think outside-the-box. Whether it's Mareechi directed by Siddhruv or my future projects with newcomers, they exhibit ambition, well-executed ideas, and a solid understanding. However, they require a certain amount of guidance." He further explains the fine line between involvement and interference, stating, "By immersing ourselves in their subject and collaborating as a team, we create a compelling narrative. I share what works for me and the extent of freedom I need as an actor, laying out certain do's and don'ts in various aspects. All this contributes to a riveting entertainer," he explains.

The National Award winner, Vijay Raghavendra, isn't interested in larger-than-life stories. "I aim to connect with the audience not just in theaters but also in their homes. I don't want to be intimidated by portraying larger-than-life characters and worrying about the turnout of massive crowds in theaters. I don't want that uncertainty. I believe in pushing myself to my limits but within reasonable bounds, ensuring continuous entertainment is what I strive for," signs off.