‘My interaction with the real-life couple inspired to do Kaiva’  

7th Dec 2023 03:04 PM | A Sharadhaa


Kaiva, made by Jayathirtha, the director of Olave Mandara, Bell Bottom, Beautiful Manasugalu and Banaras, presents a tapestry of distinct elements. With a retro setting, the film unfurls a compelling romantic drama interlaced with the gritty hues of violence and crime from 1983.

Set to release on December 8, the film stars Dhanveerrah and Megha Shetty in lead roles, and has music by Ajaneesh Lokanath and cinematography by Shwet Priya Naik.  

Kaiva’s historical significance lies in the seamless inclusion of the century-old Karaga celebration, intricately woven into this romantic odyssey. The director also unveils a snapshot of the tragic Gangaram building collapse on (September 12, 1983). Kaiva, also marks Jayathirtha’s first attempt in the mass action genre, exploring the underworld of Bengaluru, particularly surrounding Tigarlarapete.

“Though Kaiva is anchored in a love story, the underworld backdrop becomes an integral setting, necessitating the portrayal of underworld characters albeit with altered identities for cinematic purposes.”
What makes Kaiva intriguing is its conception. “During the shoot of Bell Bottom in 2019, my visit to a mortuary led to a conversation with a post-mortem assistant,” shares Jayathirtha, “He recounted a chilling incident involving a man brutally murdered due to an intense love affair. Delving deeper, I connected with individuals tied to the incident who reluctantly shared their perspectives, unveiling the truth behind the man’s drastic actions. This collective narrative forms the heart of Kaiva, rooted in a real-life incident.”

Jayathirtha discloses his interaction with a real-life couple that inspired the film. However, respecting their privacy, he opted not to reveal their true identities or whereabouts.“I brought in the fictitious name Kaiva, ensuring that every character’s name in the film is not an actual representation. The film, which resonates with a blend of reality and imagination, crafting a vivid portrayal that captivates, while keeps the anonymity of the couple intact, “ he signs off. 

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