Divya Uruduga: Love is putting someone else before yourself

30th Nov 2023 10:26 AM | A Sharadhaa


Former Bigg Boss Kannada contestants Divya Uruduga and KP Aravind, who are partners in real life, are sharing the screen for the first time in Aravind Kaushik’s upcoming film, Ardambardha Prema Kathe. In an interview with CE, before the film’s release on December 1, Divya answers the oft-asked question. Did she ever think acting with Aravind was on the cards? Pat comes the reply. “No. I didn’t even know of his acting skills.”

“We both have different professions, and he never considered acting. It all unfolded during the narration with director Aravind Kaushik.  In fact, it was the director who noticed his good looks and the chemistry between us, and suggested Aravind take up acting. He took a couple of days to decide,” says Divya, clarifying that it was completely his decision, and she didn’t coerce him at all. “I didn’t want to push him into something he wasn’t familiar with. I felt he should make the call. Deep down, I did hope he’d take it up, but I never expressed it until he agreed. I was thrilled.”

The title of the film was chosen by the director halfway through the scripting stage. Talking about the significance of the title, Aradhambardha Prema Kathe, Divya says, “Actually, no love story truly concludes; it’s an ongoing learning experience till the end. So, in a way, all love stories remain unfinished. As for the title’s relevance to our situation, love is something I continue learning even after marriage; there’s a long way to go,” she explains. As for her perspective on love, Divya defines it as ‘putting someone else before yourself’.

In her first full-fledged romantic role, the Huliraya actor notes that her character will resonate with millions of women in society. “She’s a woman who panics over simple issues, takes them seriously, and is short-tempered. How she faces a significant situation defines her. I believe she’s a character that’s good but needs better understanding, which will represent most women. In real life, I’m quite the opposite. I manage even the biggest problems with balance.”


Praising Aravind’s dedication, especially since he was a newcomer in cinema, Divya says, “When Aravind decided to join cinema, he approached the director as a student—very obedient, and with a strong grasp and dedication. A quick learner, he was always on set trying to learn things. I merely taught him the basics.”

Looking ahead, Divya expresses her openness to collaborating with Aravind again but without making it a compulsion on any filmmaker. “I’ve told him, ‘Let’s grow together in this career,’ but neither of us wants to force repeated collaborations and risk becoming monotonous on screen.”

Love is reflection and growth: Aravind KP

As a national-level bike racer, Aravind KP is not new to intensity and drama. He knows how to handle gears, but acting was never on his mind. “The only acting I did before the film was while I was trying to convince my parents that I wanted to become a biker. Otherwise, I have dabbled in certain cultural activities and drama in school, but never approached acting with seriousness,” says Aravind. He admits that since being in a relationship with Divya, he’s had opportunities to explore various artistic aspects besides biking.

Reacting to the spontaneous decision of his director considering him for the lead role, Aravind reflects, “I’ve acted as KP Aravind, the biker, in the Malayalam film Bangalore Days and Preetham Gubbi’s Naanu Mattu Varalakshmi. I was initially skeptical, but the thought stuck with me. Many people wish for such an opportunity, and this was something that came to me so easily. Being someone who enjoys challenges, I thought, ‘Why not take it up and see what I can do?’ Especially for the fans of Divya and me, our coming together is a special gift.” Sharing his shooting experience, the first-time actor said, “I had a workshop before we began shooting, but when they said ‘action’ on set, I went blank. Being a shy and less expressive person, I felt self-conscious initially, but I managed to overcome it gradually. Thankfully, having mentors like Aravind Kaushik and Divya Uruduga around made me more comfortable. Every day felt like a workshop, a space to learn and unlearn,” he shares, adding, “Racing taught us to be unemotional, and here, it is all about being emotional. Every reaction engaged me. I learned to be emotionally driven in acting.”

Reflecting on the lessons from Ardhambardha Prema Kathe, Aravind notes, “Live in the moment, don’t get stuck in the past or overly concerned about the future. People who arrived yesterday might have better intentions than those who’ve been around for ten years. There’s plenty of distractions available, but you must stick to your relationships and value them.” Regarding his definition of love now that he’s in it, Aravind shares, “Love is reflection and growth. Acceptance comes after learning about the person. Both of you help each other grow.”

Looking ahead, he shares, “Both of us will begin APK 2 (Ardhambhardha Prema Kathe Part 2) by Aravind Kaushik, early next year.”