Waited 30 years to make Ra’s Metanoia: Ram Alladi on his film on Gandhi

5th Aug 2021 11:16 AM | CE Features


New York-based filmmaker Ram Alladi has helmed a short film on Mahatma Gandhi. Titled Ra's Metanoia, the film is based on events from Gandhi's life and memoir, Magic Spell Of A Book. The film was shot entirely in the USA, combines vintage film styling with CGI sets. It explores key moments starting from Gandhi's childhood to his death in 1948 in New Delhi.

Ra's Metanoia stars Srinivasa Rao in the role of Mahatma Gandhi. For the film, Ram won the Best Director award at the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival. It was also recognized by both the European and New York Cinematography Awards, as well as London’s Gold Movie Awards, Venice Shorts, JellyFilm Fest, Los Angeles, and the Amsterdam World International Film Festival. 

Talking about the film and Gandhi, Ram said, "Ra’s Metanoia is a periodic drama film with fictional elements. It chronicles Gandhi’s extraordinary life with a combination of fact and fiction whilst encapsulating scientific concepts such as quantum mechanics, Einstein Rosenberg bridge and rare space elements." 

Hailing from Hyderabad, Ram started writing the film when he saw Gandhi's blood-stained shawl in a showcase in Gandhi Museum, New Delhi. "I had gone for my high school educational tour and so it took me nearly 30 years to make this film and I personally feel it is such an amazing experience to have to write the story and direct it," he shared. 


Ram's next, Nabhamsi, is a feature-length film entirely in Sanskrit. It is set to release soon.

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